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  • Stationary models available in 40-150 gallons 
  • Kettle fully steam jacketed 
  • Mounted on stainless steel 2" diameter legs with adjustable flange feet. 
  • Spring assist hinged stainless steel cover with condensate ring and drop down lift handle. 
  • Kettle interior bottom sloped to front for smooth product flow through a mounted, tapered, plug type food product draw-off valve of standard 2" diameter. 
  • Draw-off opening strainer. 
  • Graduated measuring rod. 
  • Faucet bracket. 
  • Vacuum pressure relief valve. 15 PSI relief valve. Low water cut-off control. 
  • Pressure limit switch and pressure gauge. 
  • Thermostat with a combination gas control valve and electronic ignition. 
  • CSA design certified. Classified by UL to NSF Std #4. 
  • One year limited parts and labor warranty.
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