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  • One, two and three section units available 
  • Correctional facility options 
  • Energy Star rated 
  • UL and NSF listed 
  • One year parts and labor warranty 
The cabinet front and doors are constructed of heavy gauge, polished stainless steel to maintain an attractive appearance after years of heavy use. Polyurethane foam insulation throughout ensures the ultimate in energy efficiency. The front shroud lifts up for easy access when cleaning the condenser unit. 
The doors are heavy gauge, polished stainless steel with a stainless steel interior liner. Each door is provided with a cylinder lock and ergonomically correct vertical handle. The door hinges are self-closing and have a hold-open feature at 120° which facilitates product loading. Proximity switches energize the recessed interior incandescent lighting when the door is opened. Humidity control wires around the door jamb prevent condensation from forming on the front of the cabinet in high humidity environments. The wires are concealed by a high impact, non-conducting thermal breaker cap. 
All components of the high efficiency, air-cooled, self-contained refrigeration system are mounted on top of the cabinet out of the food storage zone providing greater usable storage space. Environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant is efficiently metered by a capillary system providing a constant, safe operating temperature and quick ìrecoveryî under the most demanding conditions. The hermetically sealed systems are designed to operate at 38°F. Each cooling coil has plasticized fin coils to resist food acids and dual-speed EC fan motor(s) for greater cooling capacity and efficiency. All condensate water is disposed of automatically by the energy efficient, non-electric condensate evaporator. 
Each cabinet section is provided with three heavy-duty, epoxy coated wire shelves. The shelves are adjustable in one inch increments. A wide door opening allows for the use of a variety of optional pan slide configurations including 18" x 26" and 12" x 20" pans. 
The easy to use V-TEMP Control is provided standard with a two year parts and labor warranty. This durable, water resistant microprocessor monitors and controls the entire temperature maintenance process. It includes an ON/OFF switch, manual defrost, interior light switch, LED temperature indicator in °C or °F, a HI/LO audio/visual temperature alarm, power supply interruption, door ajar and 'clean condenser' alarms. A manager's 'lock-out' feature is provided to safeguard pre-determined control settings. A HAACP Event Indicator/Memory feature announces and records up to nine (9) alarm events. Unique to the V-TEMP are two standard modes of operation: 
  • SUPERCOOL - Provides a lower ìset-pointî refrigeration condition for a set period of time when food has just been loaded into the refrigerator and needs to be quickly brought back down to a safe temperature. 
  • ENERGY SAVER - The cabinet automatically reverts to the energy saving mode when there are no door openings for four hours. 
  • FLEXTEMP mode of operation is available as an option. FLEXTEMP provides the ability to select a unique temperature from 28°F to 40°F. This optional feature is ideal for seasonal menu changes and items with specific temperature requirements for dairy, meat, fish or poultry.
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