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Robust construction and superb engineering combine to produce a manual slicer perfect for the heavy slicing needs of a correctional facility. The slicer uses an oversized, 13" German-made, high carbon chrome-plated blade that slices from wafer thin up to 0.9". The 13" blade is fully protected, even during cleaning! Ultra-smooth anodized aluminum surfaces provide superior glide that reduces operator fatigue and simplifies cleaning. Ideal for high-volume operations, the durable polished aluminum will maintain its matte silver sheen for years to come. Anodized aluminum remote sharpener is easy to use, mounts in seconds, and can be secured when not in use. Carriage tilts away from unit for quick and easy cleaning. Extra large feed grip disassembles easily for thorough cleaning. Captive blade cover knob stays attached to unit, no small pieces to lose! Safety features include zero blade exposure during cleaning, carriage system interlock and no volt release. 

Features & Benefits: 
  • 4 carriage speeds, 3 stroke lengths  
  • Slice counter counts up to 99  
  • 13" Blade  
  • 1/2 HP Blade Motor  
  • Tamper-resistant screws on bottom cover protect internal components  
  • HD Heyco at cord attachment to slicer body  
  • Nonremovable, tamper-resistant carriage and blade cover knob  
  • Hygienic remote sharpener mounts in seconds  
  • All other knobs and handles are drilled, pinned, and lock tightened to be nonremovable  
  • Sanitary polished and anodized aluminum construction  
  • Carriage tilts back for easy cleaning  
  • Sealed on/off switch illuminated when unit is running 
  •  NSF & UL Listed 
  •  1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty 
Standard Accessories: 
  • Remote sharpener. 
  • Permanent blade edge guard. 
  • Extra large feed grip. 
  • Lift lever for cleaning.
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