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Planning Your Walk-In - Talk to us about your specific requirements and give us the opportunity to suggest cost-effective solutions to your facilities needs. Please call us to learn more about our products and services. 

Planning the Floor - Examining the condition of the existing floor will help determine if pre-fabricated floor panels are required. For freezer applications, floor insulation is always necessary. This may be accomplished by using a prefabricated floor panel or by insulating the existing floor. Floor panels are available in the same widths and lengths as ceiling panels, providing ease of replacement, relocation, and/or resizing to meet your everyday needs. If floors are required, you need to decide whether a normal four-inch step-up or a flush door entrance is required. If a flush door entrance is desired, a determination needs to be made whether the floor can be recessed the required four inches. Keep in mind that the use of an interior or exterior ramp will also provide a flush roll-in effect. If the building's floor tiles are to be continued into the walk-in, the thickness of this tile is needed so the door panels can be raised to allow for clearance of this tile. 
Planning the Height - Regarding the exterior height of your walk-in unit, four inches of installation tolerance is required over the exterior top of the ceiling panels for ease of installation. The method of product storage should also be considered in determining the height of a walk-in. If hand storage is used, 7'-6" or 8'-6" height will suffice. If palletizing or rack storage is required, higher ceilings, larger door openings and aisle ways will be required. If the walk-in is being installed in a basement or cellar, it is possible that a 6'-6" high unit could be used with the limitations that accompany the height. Energy savings should also be considered when determining the proper height. Ten to twenty percent of additional refrigeration is necessary to operate a 9'-7" x 9'-7" walk-in at 8'-6" high, as opposed to one at 7'-6" high. 
Planning the Doors - A truism in the walk-in industry is that "your door is your walk-in." Bearing this in mind, the following considerations should be taken in planning your walk-in door. You should first decide if the standard 34" x 76" personnel door will be sufficient. If so, locate it so that maximum interior space is available for shelving and storage. Door and frame panels include a vapor-proof light fixture, pilot light and switch, pressure relief port, self-closing hardware, and 2" dial thermometer as standard equipment. A door and frame can be ordered in a wide range of options and sizes. Vision panels, diamond tread or stainless steel kick plates, oversized thermometers, dead-bolt locks, locking bars and temperature alarms can be added according to your specific needs. 
Planning the Mechanical - The refrigeration equipment for walk-in boxes can be specified in a variety of ways. With a pre-assembled remote refrigeration system, you are furnished with the condensing unit and the evaporator coil for field installation, piping and charging by others. This type of system is used when long distances are needed between these two major components. With a pre-charged (self-contained) refrigeration system, we furnish a pre-charged condensing unit which can be placed on top or along side of the walk-in box. A maximum of 30 feet of pre-charged line sets are provided for installation by the refrigeration mechanic. For smaller walk-in applications, a single packaged refrigeration system is furnished. This system comes ready to mount on top of your walk-in cooler or freezer, requiring minimal space. The evaporator portion of the unit sits flush in the ceiling, allowing for maximum use of your available refrigerated space. A minimum of 48" is required above the exterior roof of the walk-in box for this system to be installed and serviced properly.

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