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  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Top, type 300 stainless steel with # 3 polish, satin finish 
  • Top is Sound Deadened 
  • Reinforced with 1"x2" channel running entire length of table 
  • 1 1/2" Stallion Edge on front and rear with side edges 90 degree bend down for table line-up 
  • Stainless Steel Base, type 300 stainless steel with # 3 polish, satin finish 
  • Available WITH OR WITHOUT Undershelf, secured in a fixed position, 12" above floor 
  • Adjustable bullet feet or flanged feet for bolt down 
  • Shipped knocked-down OR All-welded 
  • Optional drawers, casters, pot racks, etc. available 
  • All models are approved by the NSF 
  • All models are available WITH OR WITHOUT Backsplash 
Top: Stainless Steel Tops are TIG welded, Exposed welds are polished to match adjacent surface. 
Top: 14 gauge stainless Steel Type 300 stainless steel with # 3 polish 
Shelf (if applicable): 18 gauge type 300 stainless steel # 3 polish 
Legs: 1 5/8" Round O.D., 16 gauge type 300 tubular stainless steel #3 polish 
Gussets: Stainless Steel 
Feet: 1" adjustable stainless steel bullet OR flanged feet
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