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CONSTRUCTION - Hood and tank constructed of 16 gauge type 304 S/S. Hood unit of all welded seamless construction. S/S frame, legs and feet. All internal castings are non-corrosive lead free nickel alloy, bronze or S/S.

DOORS - Three large die formed 18-8 type 304 S/S front inspection doors riding in all S/S channels. A triple ply leading edge on the door channels made of S/S with no plastic or nylon sleeves or liners used. Two intermediate S/S door-safety stops on each door.

CONVEYORS - One S/S roller conveyor chain with tray cradles. Width between guide rails is factory-adjustable from 1.5" to 3.7". Conveyor accommodates trays up to 14" high. Conveyor drive system includes direct drive gear motor with frictionless, trouble-free overload system. Trays conveyed automatically through washing and rinsing systems. Powered by independent conveyor motor.

PUMP - Centrifugal type "packless" pump with a brass petcock drains. Ceramic seal and a balanced cast impeller on a precision ground stainless steel shaft, extension or sleeve. All rotating parts mounted and removed as an assembly without disturbing pump housing. 1/2 hp pre-wash motor, 3 hp wash motor and 2 hp rinse motor, all standard TEFC C-face frame, with ball-bearing construction.

CONTROLS - Top mounted control cabinet, NEMA 12 rated with heat insulation provided between hood and control cabinet, housing motor controls and overload protection, transformer, contactors and all dishwasher integral controls. All controls safe low voltage 24 VAC.

SPRAY SYSTEM - All spray systems are made of 304 stainless steel pipe. Pre-wash, wash and rinse assemblies removable without tools.

PRE-WASH - Two vertical spray arms (one on each side of conveyor), each with 5 V-jet nozzles.

WASH AND RINSE - Four spray arms threaded into S/S manifold. (2 on each side of conveyor). Each arm designed with 8 high pressure action cleansing slots. The slots are precision milled for water control producing a fan spray.

FINAL RINSE - Two vertical spray arms (one on each side of conveyor), each with 6 V-jet nozzles. Arms enclosed in shrouded final rinse chamber to maximize heat transfer to trays.

DRAIN - Drain valve externally controlled. Overflow assembly with skimmer cap is removable without the use of tools for drain line inspection. Heater is protected by low water level control.

UNLOAD TABLE - A stainless steel tray unload table receives clean trays. Table constructed with guide rails which ease the trays onto table.

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