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You need a refrigeration system that arrives preassembled, preset and ready to install; a refrigeration system that is easy to monitor or change settings and conditions and even alerts you when something is wrong; a refrigeration system that is so reliable and dependable that you don't have to think about it.

The patented Beacon II Refrigeration System is the next level electronic based refrigeration control system for commercial applications. In the past, Beacon technology has produced the Beacon Smart Controller which made the Beacon system even more convenient. Beacon technology again introduced an astounding product advancement to be incorporated into the Smart Controller called Beacon Smart Defrost, which allows your Beacon system to defrost only when it's necessary. With Beacon II level of technology, convenience, product reliability, and cost savings over conventional systems, choosing a Beacon II system is a no-brainer! 


Heatcraft Refrigeration Products brings to you our new web-based online remote monitoring and control capability uniting connectivity expertise and refrigeration systems in one innovative online service. This service empowers you to keep an eye on your refrigeration anywhere you access the internet, offering peace of mind while ensuring the integrity of your food supply. 

Combining the power of your new or existing Heatcraft Beacon II refrigeration system with this service provides: 

  • Increased product integrity and safety
  • Custom graphing and data download functionality
  • 24/7 monitoring (Alerts sent via e-mail or text)
  • Reduced maintenance and diagnostic costs
  • Ability to remotely modify and optimize system parameters
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