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Duke's Aerohot line offers a cost-conscious solution for those who refuse to sacrifice quality for price. Aerohot Steamtables feature Stainless Steel construction with sealed wells. Hot units are available in electric (that preheat up to 3X faster than competitive brands) and gas models, and feature infinite controls, plus copper drains manifolded to one brass valve as standard. Cold pan units may be ice cooled, or refrigerated in your choice of mechanically cooled or NSF Standard 7 compliant units. 

The Aerohot Steamtable Hot Food Units is an electric, 120V compatible. Features include: 
  • Sealed hot food wells 
  • Individual drains with valves 
  • Infinite controls 
  • Stainless steel top with .5" thick X 7" W poly carving board 
  • Stainless steel open base with undershelf 
  • 5" casters or stainless steel legs 
 The Aerohot Ice Cooled Cold Pan. Features include: 
  • 2-5 pan size 
  • 5" deep iced cold pan 
  • Stainless steel top 
  • 5" thick X 7"W poly carving board with fixed brackets 
  • Stainless Steel open base with undershelf 
  • 5" casters or stainless steel legs
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