X-TRAY, 1PC INSULATED 5 COMPT (specify color)


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The X-TRAY®-Extreme Insulated Tray, Cortechs TRUE One-Piece, seamless design has added features. With 5 compartments and 2 condiment compartments for bulk use, your cost savings is realized. The new tray also has tongue and groove sealed compartments for superior temperature control (process patented). We have also added a raised utensil slot for delivery convenience. The X-TRAY utilizes 2″ top to bottom of the feeding surface; and the most extreme feature – the tray weighs only 1.75 lbs. The durability of the X-TRAY is that of our Rock Tray, plus these extra features. For your X-Treme Tray needs, the X-TRAY is your solution.

Available Colors for Trays & Lids: Brown, Dark Gray, Terra Cotta, and Orange.
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